Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kyur 4 Da Itch

How do you do, amigos ? ;-)

Do you know that when you have so many things running .. you tend to lose the track of time :D ..

yeps, with MPL having two siblings .. TMOP and PNFL .. I have to be churning ideas for articles for three blogs. ;-)

Also, with my personal ( family ), work and other activities now going on ... I feel like I am in a spin, but .... I like it .. at least, I can see that I am figuring out AND working things out ... that AND is an important word :-)

A note on the other activities ... I plan to go out of my comfort zone ;-)

Another update is that yours truly is finally wearing a graduation gown this coming May. After four years of working through, I am getting the Masters that I studied for, albeit delayed for a year ...... anyway, it is about 70% confirmed, but need to settle the details ( pendaftaran, pembayaran, etc )

The title of this post is one of my favorite upbeat songs, by Linkin Park. The video features b-ballers, tu yg lagi syok .. terasa2 je nak twist and turn like them folks :-)

- click on the video link for the video .. unable to embed it at the moment ;-(