Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Penang Story I

I am now in Penang. Yep, since mid March. I am telling ya .. up till last Saturday midnite .. my life was a blur ... new work ( environment,makan, style, etc , studies in the last sem ( I was doing final assignments / projects .. out of 3, 2 group projects were dumb asses ) ..

so now .. hmm.. I am still learning abt work and stuff, though it is much clearer now. The challenges are bigger than i thought, but this challenge is one I am really willing to take on.

Among my new work colleagues, my 'senior; title is now known to them .. and that means their expectations of me as a work colleague is higher.

One thing though, this new work environment has exposed several flaws in me, which hinders my personal development, which previously I knew but never acknowledged. So now I acknowledge it and will plan on how to overcome.

Carpe Diem !!!