Friday, August 12, 2005

The Wedding Epilogue II

1) I am okay now. It is all okay.
2) Watched Ungu Violet last Wednesday and got to meet the cast. Dian Sastro in person, the autographed postcard n movie poster ... wargggh.. what a dream ;-)
3) Saw the movie with her. Please visit her blog. Very Love-ly ;-) Tq for the kind words, dear. I really appreciate.

Life goes on .. perjuangan mesti diteruskan ;-)


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Wedding Epilogue

Yesterday night, I was the best man ( pengapit ) for my best friend's wedding. He got married last Saturday. The nikah n reception ( on the lady site ) was on Saturday, while his reception was last night, somewhere in Shah Alam.

I experienced a multiple of emotions these past 24 - 36 hours, and probably will be in some similar state in the next few weeks or so. I cannot explain it , maybe some of you understand it .. but, .. bear with me if my writings sound a bit strange from time to time.

He was my best friend, ever since I came back from the States. We used to trade our stories of the pursuit of love, and other stuff. He understood me more than most people who think they know me. We used to travel almost everywhere in Malaysia .. n on his idea, slept in some hotels in Klang Valley !

Then she came.

When they hooked up, I was happy .. delighted even... but then the creeping realization came ... sooner or later .. it will come to this.

To their credit, I was privy to their relationship development ( ups n downs ) .. I knew this was something special for both of them. Don't ask why .. I just knew .. so I prepared myself ...

Prepare to be alone again.
( * my sis cakap .. grow up ! * )

Saturday till a few minutes ago, I was okay ...smiling, laughing, etc .. now the tears are coming down ... *jap* ...

Forgive me dear readers.. I'll be fine eventually. I will always be fine ... I have always been on my own. Yep, I can do this.

The wedding was beautiful. They were a beautiful couple, surrounded by relatives and friends. Smiles n laughter all around.

This song below played ...

Everyday I Love You BZ

I don't know, but I believe
That some things are meant to be
And that you'll make a better me
Everyday I love you
I never thought that dreams came true
But you showed me that they do
You know that I learn something new
Everyday I love you

'Cos I believe that destiny
Is out of our control (don't you know that I do)
And you'll never live until you love
With all your heart and soul.

It's a touch when I feel bad
It's a smile when I get mad
All the little things I am
Everyday I love you

Everyday I love you more
Everyday I love you

'Cos I believe that destiny
Is out of our control (don't you know that I do)
And you'll never live until you love
With all your heart and soul

If I asked would you say yes?
Together we're the very best
I know that I am truly blessed
Everyday I love you
And I'll give you my best
Everyday I love you

Selamat pengantin baru E & Z, semoga bahagia ke anak cucu. Thank you for allowing me to see how u guys journeyed from couple to husband & wife ( 2003 - 2005 ).

I gotta go.