Friday, January 06, 2012

Falling to Pieces

As I am handling my crisis as best as I can ... for the past few days, I am hit by waves and waves of remorse of nostalgia ... things that was and could have been .... and it happens as I compared myself to other people. And I know most people would say, that sucks and can be demoralizing .... but in a way, they can serve as a milestone of where you are, in a way. And I came to a simple and painful conclusion...*sigh*.. and it is effing obvious ... they focused and did the work ... and I did not do it. *sigh* ... Tony Robbins message makes sense ... man tend to avoid pain and embrace pleasure... I ignored the pain and went for pleasure ... Pada masa ini, surah Al-Asr berkumandang dalam minda ini, dan memang benar .. masa itu emas dan mata pedang. Jika tidak menggunakannya dengan betul, ia akan datang melukakan kita kembali. Syukur aku sudah sedar ... Amin.