Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Steps Checklist

Reading an article on the usefulness of checklist made me realize that I need to have one for most of the things that I do.
One checklist I did today was for cleaning up the living room.

1. Put the kids toys in one place , from all over the floor and kitchen table
2. Separate the toys into their uses.
3. Clean up the table and arrange the magazines.

Walla, it worked. ;-) and I plan to continue doing this. Well, little steps to improve oneself.

To my friend Awal, salam takziah on the depart of your mother. I remembered her a bit during my time that I spent with Awal. She was okay ... truth is, you can't say much about these matters. And, I have been considering about mortality lately, here and there.

The link to the checklist article is here.