Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Change Is Coming

Being in the 40s these past few weeks have been a bit sucky :P .. why? I am reminded of my 20-30s which lead to a pearl of wisdom I imparted to my ex-students. The wisdom- what we do in the 20s and 30s lead to where we are. Cliche and true.
Being introspective is good and bad. Good as it keeps you grounded, and bad, as it makes me you rue the stuff you screwed up- the shoulds and what-ifs. And it can be overwhelming.
The cure for this I guess as I my old lecturer Joel Boyd used to say, " Keep On Living ". And work on your Now and Future.
As some of you who might read my blog, I have issues with my pasts which still stays in the background. I do my best to keep focus, but dang it still f**king lingers ...
Linda also has been giving me signals about staying home full time. I think she is tired of the whole corporate life. Can't blame her much. She is a homegirl, who wants to do her thing. I think ;-)
And one thing I have to say, I miss the USA. There I said it.