Thursday, August 07, 2008

Goodbye + Missing SomeOne + Da Future

Part I

My grandmother ( father side ) passed away last weekend. Her passing brings closure to one of the difficult times of my life. When I heard the news, I was actually relieved. Goodbye, Busu, may you rest in peace and find the happiness you have been searching.

Part II

I am missing a friend, but then I don't think the person misses me at all. It got me to thinking about the idea of letting go. I do not want to let the person go, but I think I have to la ...sticking to a picture of how it was in the past ain't gonna help about how the future is going be.

Part III

The future looks better nowadays. In a way, it is due to me being active in deciding what to do about it. Granted, I have not covered everything yet ... but in due time, in due time. Have a plan. Create strategy based on plan. Execute. Be prepared for kinks, and work it out.


A few upcoming weddings and stories coming up. Will keep all posted ;-)