Saturday, October 21, 2006

Late Night Thoughts

A few things to say, as Ramadhan is nearly over and Syawal is closer ..

1) Marriage 101

After 3 months of marital life, I salute those who have been for married for years :-) it's true folks ... it is hard work.. byk sabar2 and give and take I tell ya .. but, it is the little things that make it worthwhile .. :-) a stroke of the face in the end of a tired day .. mcm kata Sean in Good Will Hunting ;-)

2) Audio motivation
Recently for the past few months, I have been burning some of the free motivation mp3s that I have in my pc and listening to them, while I am driving. Alone of course ;-) And I have come to a common conclusion that it works as you listen to the messages over and over again. It is the simple messages which ring true and when you listen to it repeatedly, it inspires you to action yourself.. it works folks, but in the end, the choice is up to you, to do it or not :-)

3) December Comes

I am joining another firm in December. A positive movement in my career, expanding what I am doing in my current firm. I am happy to leave, but I thank my current place for making me a better professional. But, in order to grow, I have to move on. As a professional, I will do my job until end of November. Also, I know what is the major concept of my career . it is CRM. The details are still hazy, but the foundation is there.


I am happy right now.