Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jangan Cakap Masa Makan

Ada sebab2 mengapa kita dinasihatkan jangan bercakap ketika makan ;-) Di bawah, bagi saya, kata - kata Hagar adalah nasihat yang terbaik :) betul tak ?

Monday, December 15, 2008

U Know The Answer

Have you had a question which you know the answer  ? I bet you did. And I think most of us do. But if you know the answer, why do you keep looking ? I propose that this situation occurs  due to the fact that we do not like the answer and keep on searching for alternative answers that satisfy us. The keyword is satisfy. In the end, it is the ego that needs to be fulfilled 

Want to lose weight ? Eat less and exercise more. Want to be more productive ? Focus on real important task instead of mundane matters. It is easy yet why do you search for alternatives ? In a way, at least for me, it explains why there are huge markets for products / services that cater to these kinds of questions. 

I am writing this post as a message to my readers and also to my goodself. There are never simple answers to everything but there are simple answers to some problems.