Sunday, April 12, 2009

KIsah Setakat Ni

Good day.

I have not blogged for a while .. but that does not mean yg I am not online. My FB activities are regular. Cuma, I have so much to write about , yet .... oh well.. might as well write a bit of summary ... get it of my chest


Well, my teaching has been erratic for this current trimester. Perhaps, this situation is due to the change that will occur later this year. Whatever it is, I have learnt a bit about myself this past few months, ... teaching is something I love to do ... but what I teach is also important ...


I have business activities on the side and I think I am a bit stretched here. Each branch has its own demands and I am seriously considering dropping one of them to concentrate on the other two. What would be your advice ? All 3 have the potential to succeed.


Managing my personal demons have been easier nowadays. Rasanya, sbb I give these events less meaning. Itulah pengalaman hidup yang melakari hidup. Dibuat tauladan dan pengajaran dan kita terus bergerak ke hadapan.


Alhamdullillah, semua baik2 aja. Bulan July, sudah TIGA tahun kami bersama. Begitu cepat masa berlalu. Bulan Jun ini Zara turns TWO. Waa, dah besar anak kami seorang ini. ;-)

Okaylah, later.

gambar dgn webcam ;-) Senyum !