Friday, June 20, 2014

Syukur I am 41

Assalamualaikum, semua.

Syukur, I am 41 today :) Alhamdullillah, this past week has been eventful, an awakening that I thought would never be possible. My gratitude to Him for the all blessings that He has given me. Syukur :) and may He gives more in the future. My thanks to my parents, Ismail Md Noor and Puteh Ismail for being the best they can be as parents. To my family, wife Linda & kids Zara, Farah .. who bring me smiles and joy every single day. To my siblings, Ajie, Novie and Julia, thank you for being around, InsyaAllah, we will be back together.

41 man ... not bad eh :DDDD