Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another Addition

To my dear readers,

My Pet Life has a new sibling .... check it here.

This blog is where I plan to write some stuff that I am interested in, in a variety of areas ;-)

Enjoy reading and please continue supporting My Pet Life ;-)


18.1.07- edited bad link. Thanks, Inn.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Post from PDA

As promised yesterday ....

ok ok long promised updates ...

fyi, I have been busy with various matters.. work n personal ..


My work is getting busy n more interesting. The way I c it, here I have to prove myself again. No biggie, in fact, I welcome the challenge. Let me shine as who I am, not what I am ... *read between the lines* ..

What I want to do is work better .. I have been checking out this series that ran in Fortune Magazine, in March 2006. Various corporate figures were highlighted and from what is wrote, a few conclusions, for me, at least
- each have their own way / style
- discipline in following is important
- planning is also important

We tend to know this, but sadly the follow throughs are what lacks. I m guilty of 'em myself. So, it is up to me to follow what I have read, or join the have nots.


As some of you might know, middle of 2006, I got married, n middle of this year, god willing, we will become parents. Right now it is kind of surreal, but as my wife gets bigger, the evidence is right there. Gue nak jd father soon! *gulp* ... biar bener ... I am taking it slowly as it comes la... I am excited yet nervy abt the whole thing ... say, any recommended readings for father to be ah ?

My strong memory allows me to remember a lot of things. And some of em are things I don't want to remember. I have been working for the past years on letting go.. recently, through this my readings on NLP, I learnt a technique which helps a bit.

The technique is called association. My lingering trauma of certain events is due the association of audio n video of these events, meaning that I can still remember the visuals n sounds of the event. It suggested that these associations be changed.

What I did was mentally turning off the sound when the flashbacks began. It did help in negating the pain. The next step now is to mentally shelve the images, which I have not done yet..

Other personal notes
- I plan to publish a few blogs; now working on some ideas..
- I am hopping on the e-commerce bandwagon ;-) .. still working the details..
- and a work related certification that I plan to achieve by end of the year ...

it looks daunting for all of the above.. but I will do it. No wonder a lot of the high achievers, they can do so many things, as they are stingy with their time. Yep, masa itu emas .. n failure to plan is planning to fail ..


Monday, January 15, 2007

Short Notes

Hey there , peeps ..

I have a post all written up but it's stuck in my PDA. I'll post it soon ...

Johor Floods

It is quite a tragedy to be honest ... not once, but twice in a row .. when it comes to all banjir disasters, usually, Johor is the least known state to suffer, but this time, it seems to be a major problem.

Datuk Shahrizat called for volunteers, but the response was lookwarm ... this post summed it perfectly. In Malaysia, I noticed when disasters occur, it is usually, the unknown heroes, the common joe ( Ali, Ah Chong, Muthu, et al ), who do the hard work to help. The VIPs are there for the photo op. When the good times roll, it is only the VIPs who get limelight.

Forgive me for being cynically about all of this ... but I guess this is life ...

World Outlook

As various shenanigans are going around the world, I ask myself .. why would you want to bring another jr. in this world ? Then, it occurred to me .. oh well, maybe if I raise my kids and family alright .. it will contribute to a better world :-) ... sounds idealistic huh ? ..


My Pet Life will also have some new siblings ... coming soon :-)