Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So Many Happy News

Today has been a good day ( personally ) for good news of friends.

To Acat n Cookie, the fruit of their offspring is on the way. Even though it is still early, take care okay !! The story on her and his blog about the news is quite interesting ... hehehe .... I am still reminded the day my wife told me that she was positive and carrying Zara. The first word that came out was " Alamak ! '  hehehe .... but I didn't get morning sickness ;-) Acat apparently is ... :D

To Binxie, this piece of news was really good ! Imagine, her rezeki and to top it off, she is going back to her old place with a better position ( and better pay ). This lady deserves it, after mcm2 that she has been through .... ACCA, her old office bla2s ... it's true kan Binx, what does not kill you makes you stronger ;-)

Both news helped to cheer up my day a bit. Especially what happened earlier in KL ... but that is another blog.

ps / more musings to come ...