Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ngomel Wedding

Pic : Our family picture ( My Side )

No wedding is perfect. I guess there are a few things which bugged me about the wedding that was on my side.
Main grouse : The non attendance by people who received invitation and confirmed their attendance. And, in the aftermath, no reasons / explanations why ...

I stewed abt it for a while .. and then decided to just let go .. Luckily, my dearest is a patient person who kindly listens while I ramble ... letting go of bad stuff, is something which I have been practising for the past few years with a lot hurt that I have been through ..

As my dear friend Inn would understand, letting go is one of the easiest things to say, but hardest to do.

My thanks to those who came, and those who didn't come, but informed me.

" The future is NOW ! The past is past .... "

ps/ - You don't know what marriage until you are in one !