Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Perjalanan Hidup

A few days me and family went to Brunei to visit my parents-in-law. My father-in-law had an operation and it was successful.

Being in Brunei for a few days allowed me to review a bit of my life these past few months. Mostly, my life has improved a bit more ... and there are areas that still need adjustment. One of the areas which I have finally come to terms .. or at least recognize the pain is my Jasin years. Jasin was an important part of my history and now I acknowledge it ... the pain and the joy. The pain of love and loneliness ... the joy of humanity ... hmm... rasanya kan ... boleh buat drama la ... so in the end, while I was flying back to KL... I just turned down the volume and enjoyed the pictures of Jasin. I felt better already after that .... and would like to thank the Jasinians who are still friends with me till now. And Tony Robbins n Adam Khoo for teaching me the formula Event + Response = Outcome

The picture below was taken on last Saturday morning .... I like it as it showed a defiant side that I rarely show :)