Saturday, January 21, 2006

Tagged + Musings

1) Tagged

I was tagged by cookie a few weeks ago, so .. now got time to do it :D .. here it goes ...

1) What were you doing ten years ago?

Just started working as a training officer, ajar students use MS Office software .. at Bangsar ..

What were you doing one year ago?

Working in PJ, doing a job I absolutely hated :D ... the only I stayed was because the RM was good ... realized that the job was not I wanted to do ..

Five snacks you enjoy
1. Kacang Ngan Yin
2. Sour Cream n Onion Pringles
3. Kacang goreng .. anything kacang la ..
4. Twisties cheese
5. Popcorn wayang

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now:
1. Nanti - Innuendo ...
2. Please Dont Go Girl - NKOTB
3. Shape Of My Heart - BSB
4. Baby I'm Yours - Shai

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

Five bad habits
1. Think too much
2. Get insecure at times
3. Procrastinate :D

Five things you like doing:
1. Read my readings yg tak habis2
2. Play Championship Manager
3. Travel here n there ..outside KL la..
4. Spend time with her

Five things you would never wear, buy, or get new again:
1. Any clothes in Pink

Five favorite toys: ( susah sikit ni )
1. My computer
2... 5

2/2/06 Note : Maaf la cookie, masa I did this thing, I was kinda blur ( byk empty spaces ) .. it was a few days ago, but to preserve it in its originality, am posting it now like I did it masa tu

Monday, January 16, 2006

Geisha + ??

1) Geisha

Saw this movie with her yesterday at The Mines. Interesting and engrossing I would say. I would say that Michelle Yeoh's performance was good, as she gave another side of her acting skills, instead of the usual terbang2 martial arts stuff. And of course, Zhang Ziyi performance is mesmerizing :-) .. but not as mesmerizing as her ;-p

2) A quote from With Honors

Simon Wilder: Women. Ain't they perfect?
Monty: Not always.
Simon Wilder: Yes, they are, they're perfect. Don't matter if they're skinny, fat, blond or blue. If a woman is willing to give you her love, Harvard, it's the greatest gift in the world. Makes you taller, makes you smarter, makes your teeth shine. Boy, oh, boy, women are perfect.

Hmm .. after yesterday, I think she is ....

3) For her ..

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? - Bryan Adams -

To really love a woman
To understand her - you gotta know her deep inside
Hear every thought - see every dream
N' give her wings when she wants to fly
Then when you find yourself lyin' helpless in her arms
Ya know ya really love a woman

When you love a woman you tell her that she's really wanted
When you love a woman you tell her that she's the one
Cuz she needs somebody to tell her that it's gonna last forever
So tell me have you ever really - really really ever loved a woman?

To really love a woman
Let her hold you - til ya know how she needs to be touched
You've gotta breathe her - really taste her
Til you can feel her in your blood
N' when you can see your unborn children in her eyes
Ya know ya really love a woman


You got to give her some faith - hold her tight
A little tenderness - gotta treat her right
She will be there for you, takin' good care of you
Ya really gotta love your woman...

.. have I ? or am I learning to do so ..

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pride + Come What May

1) Pride

I saw Pride and Prejudice earlier today afternoon at GSC Mid Valley. My verdict .. a superb date movie. :-) I went with her and it was our first date movie :D We had a wonderful time ...

2) After Pride

After the movie, had a drink at San Fran .. she asked about yesterday's episode .. I told her about it .. bared my soul a bit ..:-)

Boy : " yeah .. that's it .. so bagaimana ? U nak lari ke ?"
Girl smiles and shakes her head
Boy : " so you're staying ? "
Girl smiles and nods ...
Boy kisses girl's hand and says silently " Thank you "
Girl " I really like you "
Boy stunned for a few secs ...
Girl " At least u cerita ni, I understand u better "
Boy smiles

Dedicated to her

Come What May - Air Supply -

When she looks at me
I know the girl sees things
Nobody else can see
All of the secret tears inside
And all the craziness I hide
She looks into my soul
And reads me like nobody can
And she doesn't judge the man
She just takes me as I am

Come what may, she believes
And that faith is something
I've never known before
Come what may, she loves me
And that love has helped me open a door
Making me love myself a little more

When I turn away
She knows those are the times
There's nothing to say

Nothing that anyone can do
And so she lets me live it through
And when I'm in my darkest hours of uncertainty
She just simply lets me be
And goes right on loving me

And when it seems my dreams
Have all slipped through my fingers
When they just can't be found
I turn around and there they are
Shining in her eyes

later, amigos