Thursday, January 31, 2008

Letting Go

This post has two songs...

More Than That

This song below was for this lady that I had a major, major jones for. The day she told me that she had a bf, I went into a funk. Penangan power beb .... I still remember her love for Weezer ;-) .. she would complaint how her bf didn't treat her right, bla2 ... while not knowing that in front of her was this guy who was willing to take care of her. She married her bf..yes, I went to the wedding. I know that she is happy so far. I have not met her for a long time, but we talked via phone or sms once a blue moon. And when we do ... the butterflies that I had for her is still there ;-)

Where Do I Go From You ?

The second is for my best lady friend who got married a few years ago.  
Truthfully, we were buds since we were 13. She is my longest serving friend ;-) ... I think when she told me she was getting married ... I kinda had a lump on my throat a bit. We had a friendly wager that if we were single by the time we hit the big 3-0 then we would hook up. Heheh... she beat me by a few years. She has a little girl now and is a teacher. Still geng lagi after all these years ... :D


I have a few friend weddings this year and a lot of memories ...