Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tony Robbins Reveals Greatest Secret Ever Video Review

Earlier today, I was going through my video downloads of Youtube videos and found a video of Tony Robbins talking about how to get through a crisis, and the success of handling it. I downloaded the video as the title was compelling. Anyway, after going through the video, it is actually a repeat or a remix ;-) of some of his stuff that he has been talking about. Now, if you have followed him all this way, some of the things he speaks in this video are 'old' stuff that you have read or heard him talk about. But I like this video as it is still informative as ever.

The video is embedded below

However, if you want a summary of the points, the picture below summarizes five points he outlined in the video above ..

I do recommend that after checking the summary above that you view the video in its entirety to get the 'meat' of the message :)

For the record, I like him and think that he is an inspiring guy.

picture credit - screen capture from the youtube video.