Thursday, October 04, 2007

Here's Looking At Ya

I am adjusting on my time to my new workplace. It is kind of bliss ... flexi hours ... :-) ... I have considered this gig to be the one that I have dreamed of ... however, tomorrow ... another employment opportunity, where the monetary rewards are substantial. What do you do ? Here, where I am ... the RM is not exactly top of the line .. where else there .. the RM is good .. but I have always preached to others ... follow your heart, don't follow the RM .. is it time for me to follow my own wisdom ?

I guess ... the ding-donging is due to the fact of life necessities nowadays ... on one hand you want to follow your dreams ... on the other hand, you want security.

Decisions .. decisions ....

me and jr watching tv .. further pics can be seen under Baby Zara section here.