Friday, August 05, 2005

Begitu Sempitnya Waktu, Begitu Hebatnya Cinta

* The title is from the movie Ungu Violet ;-)

1) Yesterday I saw two movies at GSC 1 Utama .. actually, my first time visiting the cineplex. Nice place, similar to GSC Gurney Plaza style, so I was familiar with the layout. On to the movies review

Camp ( 1.45 pm )

I was intrigued to watch this flick as it was mentioned in KLUE magazine. And it was kind of interesting premise.. summer arts camp for teenagers. And no, I was not going horny here ;-p

I enjoyed it :-) If there is only one reason to watch it is to watch the teens who performed in this movie .. they can really sing and dance. Turns out that they were actually talented teens in their own right, and their honest performances saved this movie from being a run of the mill stuff. Now, the story is another hal .. regularly run of the mill stuff.. it did touch a bit on teen gay stuff but it was lightly skirted around.. during the whole time, I thought to myself is that I would recommend this movie to local teens who have done sek menengah drama / play / show ... I think they would enjoy it.

Reviews here and here.

2) Ungu Violet 4.10 pm

Now this movie was what I have been waiting for, ever since I read that it was released in Indonesia around June. For one, it has the amazing and babelicious Dian Sastro in it ( a little trivia : Her full name is Diandra Paramitha Sastrowardoyo .. yep, gue hafal nama itu :-) )

I really like this movie ;-) .. really love this movie ..;-) .. it is a change as this movie features a more adult role for Dian and her fans from AADC ( tak tahu .. tanya kawan2 ;-p ) ... and she did well. Admitted this is a slow drama movie, but if u r willing and patient, just relax and let yourself follow and enjoy the story of Lando n Kalin ... the movie's tagline says it all .. definitely, an A+ in my jiwang list ....

Review can be found here.

Official website here

Official Movie Song ... this song is for her ...

Menanti Sebuah Jawaban Padi

Aku tak bisa luluhkan hatimu
Dan aku tak bisa menyentuh cintamu...
Seiiring jejak kakiku bergetar
Aku telah terpagut oleh cintamu
Menelusup hariku dengan harapan
(Namun kau masih) terdiam membisu

Sepenuhnya aku ingin memelukmu
Mendekap penuh harapan
Tuk mencintaimu
Setulusnya aku akan terus menunggu
Menanti sebuah jawaban
Tuk memilikimu

Betapa pilunya rindu menusuk jiwaku
Semoga kau tau isi hatiku
Dan seiring waktu yang terus berputar
Aku masih terhanyut dalam mimpiku
Aku tak bisa luluhkan hatimu
Dan aku tak bisa menyentuh cintamu...

Go watch this movie people .. please do ;-)