Saturday, May 24, 2014

Change and Vigilance

In the movie, " Pursuit of Happyness " .. there is a scene where Chris Gardner talks about the 10 gallon hat of disappointment in his head .. I know how he feels I guess, because for the past years, I felt the same. The coulda, shoulda, wouldas .... the constant comparisons to friends your age who are far more successful .... and the list go on and on .... so what did I do about it? Ignoring it did not work as it still gnawed on my mind.
I just ACCEPTed it. That was the first thing I did. I admitted that I effed up my 20s and early 30s in terms of career, especially. And I am behind and must accept where I am. The next thing was moving on, acknowledging that the memories are there and plan your current and future. I forgiven a few fellas and l felt better. Letting go truly works and can be therapeutic.
One thing about change that I learnt in the past month is that you have to plan for your change. There must be details in this plan, so that you know what to do when the need or situation arises . p
One minor change in my diet for the past month is I have limited/remove intake of sugared water during working weekdays. I do my best to drink plain water / air masak, during these times. Or iced water / Coke Light. No Milo, teh o ais and the works. Result: I feel a bit lighter and I like it. Will continue doing it. I have not been 100% successful, but it is not a bad thing.
oh and I have been posting my old diary entries from my Jasin school days in this blog. Nothing has been edited, as it has been posted word by word. Reading it again brings a different perspective. I was a bit naive then, that's for sure.

A recent picture of Me and my Pool :)
and I like to finish with this video of Michael Jackson performing 'Man In The Mirror' live. Now that he's gone, more people miss him and realize what a legend he was.