Saturday, November 18, 2006


Dear blog.

It has been a long time since I posted. A good friend asked where I have been ... my simple excuse was I have been very2 preoccupied ,... tp, I have been going around the blogworld ... so I am not out of touch la sangat

1) Raya Trip

Raya was a trip to the Mrs kampung in kota bharu, kelantan. Folks, whatever you have heard abt the infamous Kelantan jam .. I can confirm that it is all true .. penat la ... i drove 9 hrs to KB, using the usual KL - Gua Musang - KB road ... balik, I went the roundabout way thru K. Tganu ..and it took 12 hours ! Luckily, it's a bi-yearly thing... :-) On the good stuff, loads of good Kelate food ( manis2 wehh ... ), met nice2 relatives... and received a few kain pelikat ( I am told it's a Kelate newly wed tradition ;-) ) !!

2) Final IS Paper

I have finished my final IS paper for my Masters finally !! It was overdue for about a year .. after the hee haw n whatevers, I managed to get it done. As usual, it was a last minute job, but I am not complaining, as it was my decisions that lead me to the situation. Bring on the convo next year :-)

3) Final Month

It is my final month at my current firm. I have to thank em for teaching me a lot, but I have to move on. And event that I have seen in the past weeks, confirmed my decision. The cool thing s that it is here, I have learned new work methods and now where my future is, albeit, a surety this time. Learnt a lot about myself, especially ... so I can't thank the firm enough...

4) Open Houses

What is Syawal without open houses ? This is a Malaysian tradition that should be cherished ... when it comes to food, Malaysia is king :-) .. I propose that the Tourism Malaysia 2007 says, Malaysia, Food Truly World !!! :-)

5) Congrats, to Acat n Cookie

The couple who inspired abt a year are getting hitched next year InsyaAllah :-) I am so happy for them. I met Cookie once and see her as a warm, jovial person, so Acat jaga dia baik2 okay :P ... hehe, she did ask abt the issue of going thru it again, after the previous hurt. I can talk long abt it .. but in the end, it can be summarized from these line in Good Will Hunting...

" You're not perfect sport, and let me save you the suspense, this girl you've met she's not perfect either. But the question is whether or not you're perfect for each other. That is what intimacy is all about. You can know everything in the world, but the only you know about this is by giving it a shot "

so, cookie .. give acat a shot, .. the man is definitely so in to you ( Mcm lagu SWV la pulok .. )

6) The Mongolian Murder

It can only happen here and still gets screwed up in its execution. To the UTK trainers, update your syllabus with loads of CSI, Alias and Gilmore Girls viewings please ..... (err, Gilmore Girls was to lighten themselves up ) ..

7) UMNO 2006

**deleted to excessive political subjective rant*** please refer to the daily news, if u love 'em, or Malaysiakini or Malaysia-Today, if u are on the other side.

8) Something is On The Way

And that's all I am saying .. for now ;-)