Saturday, March 17, 2007

I Have Sinned

Dear people, I have done something which I repeatedly said and thought I would not do. I have succumbed to the temptation of the person below.

I did it tonight. AFUNDI HELIZA .. there goes my 50 cents. :-)

to wifey : I lap u babeh :D

Monday, March 12, 2007

Something To Chill

I loved this song below, when I first saw it a few years ago ... Inn, this is for you ;-)

-- breezy kan lagunya

6 Weirdness of Ome

Tagged by my friend cookie, here are six weird things about me ....

1) Time Management

I always expect people to be on time, but I sendiri ada problem. Go figure ! :P

2) Multiple Thinking

I can think multiple things at one time... wifey says I think too much ;-)

3) Championship Manager addict

I have been CM since Championship Manager 2, but only till Championship Manager 03/04, the last CM that was produced by Sports Interactive, before they left and made Football Manager. I guess I am a sucker for the CM old version. I have spent sleepless nights ;-) playing that game. CM addicts, u know what I mean. The chosen clubs are from clubs that usually play the same season as the Premiership - England, France, Spain, Italy. ;-) I tell ya, playing CM gives you a really good feel, in managing a football club.

4) Loves boybands

This is my weakness and still is. Though boyband nowadays are not that good ;-) It started with NKOTB, my still fav boyband of all time :D .... Westlife, Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, Five .. ah, whenever it's karaoke time , I can still belt it out, with emotion lagi :D

5) Used to read a lot of Malay romance novels

I used to read a lot of Alaf 21 Malay novels.. I actually have a stack of them, which I read and reread. ( I am kind of jiwang in that way ). Among the authors whose books I have are Anis Ayuni and Aisya Sofea .. those who read know who they are ...

6) Have travelled all over Peninsular Malaysia on a kapchai :D

Yes sir ... I have done that .... during the late 90s .. I was your original easy rider mat rempit :D my favorite journey would be the ride I took from Johor Baru ( JB ) to Kota Bharu ( KB ). Oh yeah, did I mention that I was on my own ? and it was a Kriss 110 ?

I am not going to tag anyone lah to follow this stuff , dah le tu weii ... :-)