Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Love My Job :-)

One of the things that I really enjoy nowadays is ..surprise, surprise .. is my current job. I have worked here for the past 8 months .. since Sept 07 and honestly, I don't feel that time has passed me by .. it was so quick. It is true ... once your work is something you love, it does not feel like work at all :D ... very cliche huh ...

Anyway, I just finished my first full teaching semester and marking the exam papers and giving out the sem grades. Ahh, not easy as it seems and makes me appreciate my previous lecturers ;-) .. it was a good experience and I plan to make next trimester even better ... this trimester I had a class of 40 students, while next trimester will be a class of about 100 + .. talk about a workload upgrade eh.

To the peeps who are looking for their dream job, actually you know it already. It is inside of you ... just listen carefully to your heart and the details will be there... :-)