Sunday, August 26, 2007

Confession Of A So Called Former Blog Whore

Nice title isn't it .. actually the post has been spinning in my head for the past few months.

When I discovered blogging a few years back, thanks to my sister Alia, I was naturally became addicted to reading them. Aizudddin Danian, Najah .. were one of the few ones I read. And I am proud to say that some of them became my friends as well, online / real world.

This blog whore term came around some time last year before I got married. I was following ( and still do ) this particular famous local blogger, who blogs from overseas. I had a chance to meet this person when he/she was here for the holidays. It was not a pleasant experience and it left me feeling cold. I rationalized that not all bloggers are what they write in real life ( silly me ! ) .... and it was one off experience.

I realized that I became a blog whore ... someone who reads blogs, sorely to vicariously live their lives through the blog author's postings. Thankfully, I have recovered. The key to my recovery was simply this .... read a blog like you read a magazine. The info there is for your own pleasure, but don't take it too personal :-) if you like it, use it .. if you don't like it ... discard it ... and if you admire the blogger, dont go ga-ga personally over them.

That is why, nowadays, I rarely blog hop .. I tend to have a list of blogs which I read daily ( incl. that person ! ) Also, if I see a famous blogger which I am reading, I do not approach him / her unlike in the past... unless I know him / her.

To those who wonder who he/she is .... all I can say is .... dia pandai menyusun hidupnya :-)

pps / I will write a bit more from now on .... ;-)