Friday, March 13, 2009

You Are What You Eat

Last two days, I have been unwell due to diarrohead .. or in Malay, cirit birit. Unpleasant it is. It actually was due, I think, to some bad stuff I ate at a restaurant here in Bangi.

It got me thinking how sometimes we compromise our personal beliefs in order to get what we want. In this case, it was this makan place. It was a bit dirty but the naan n tandoori was good. After a few visits which did not result in anything bad happening, at last kena juga.

Lesson here, do not compromise your beliefs for short term or you will surely pay for it. As for me, I lost one day of class work plus a few days sitting on the 'throne'.

Santayana's saying, " Those who forgot the past are condemned to repeat it" , rings true.