Wednesday, May 04, 2005


1) Work Grrsss

Enough to say that the song below says what I feel, these past few days ...

"Points Of Authority" LP

Forfeit the game
Before somebody else
Takes you out of the frame
Puts your name to shame
Cover up your face
You can't run the race
The pace is too fast
You just won't last

You love the way i look at you
While taking pleasure in the awful things you put me through
You take away when I give in
My life
My pride is broken

You like to think you're never wrong
(You live what you've learned)
You have to act like you're someone
(You live what you've learned)
You want someone to hurt like you
(You live what you've learned)
You want to share what you have been through
(You live what you've learned)

You love the things i say i'll do
The way i hurt myself again just to get back at you
You take away when I give in
My life
My pride is broken

lesson : Being helpful sucks !

2) Extra Pain

Residue from weekend plus no 1) makes today a big pain .. seriously, around 6 pm, I was numb .. keep saying positive stuff ..words like, "challenge" n "diamonds in the rough" thing ... semoga aku bersabar dengan cabaran dan dugaanNya ...

- the candle slowly flickers in the wind and rain ....


Pet's Sis said...

Look at it this way, 'What doesn't kill you will make you grow.'

Sometimes maybe it'll be better if we take a step back from the situation and analyse it impersonally.

I just did, yesterday. When I first got the news, I wanted to blow a gasket and quit my job.

However, after taking many many deep breaths and cursing some ppl to hell and back, I took a step back and analyse the situation. The pro and cons. What I learned from it.

And you know what, it's the EGO that makes us angry. The need to be always right. And find it difficult to accept critics from anyone ;)

Now, I feel better. And I try to become better. It's no longer about what you want, its about what your boss wants. And if he wants shyte, who are you to say no??? ;)

Cheer up honey.

Inn said...

I so agree with Pet's sis. It's the EGO that always makes ur angry ... *sigh*

I always tell myself life is not a day of ease followed by another day of ease. It's one day of growth followed by another day of growth.

And so, up or down... I know that at least I'm moving and I'm not stagnant.

Omecool20 said...

ok ok .. I get da points .. my sis n my fav girl lawan me .. 2 against 1 .. I angkat the white flag ..