Wednesday, June 08, 2005

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.. a post from my PDA

27 May
.the decision to resign from my current work position is something that actually had roots beginning mid 2002.
At that time, I moved from another company in order to escape the company's environment. A few months after I joined, I knew I made a mistake as the job was not something I wanted to do. That started a chain reaction that resulted in me currently studying part-time. I had a rough idea what I wanted to do, but wasn't sure at that time.
I also looked at the financials, saw that I was a bit shaky, and made some decisions about it. Now, it is a bit better.
It took my current employer to make me realize that I did not want to do this kind of gig. The money is good, let me tell ya, but I was at risk of losing my sanity at times.
To the point that people saying that the world does not owe me a living, let me reiterate that I agree with that point, and I owe the world the right to do something that would best serve it, and this gig wasn't it.
So here it goes that I would have one to two months off, hopefully, and then get another gig that I am looking for. Exciting ? Scary ? yes.. I have learnt my lessons n it took a world class firm to show the error of my ways.
A few things from my current gig has helped.. identified a few weaknesses n helping me in working to rectify it. Listening n talking better ... always look at positive angle of bad stuff n apply it for future use, that's been one of my life credos.
I have realized another lesson, .. that I am a reactive person .. meaning that I tend to react to situations more than preparing for it. Will be more preppared for the future.
What a hmm post ..hehe ..


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Zsarina said...

I did wonder about the reasons. You are brave, I'll grant you that. Your industry is one where opportunities are rife, I assume.

I'm lucky I suppose in the sense that the challenges this new job gives forces me to expand and grow and improve day to day (having a good boss helps as well).

The big F of liFe: Fulfillment. I think we all want to have that.

Good luck with the studies and your new gig!