Monday, June 13, 2005

Wishing For ?

1) Mini Instropective

..the long weekend that I had .. gave me a chance to think about some stuff of my life currently...personal and work .. at times, I feel disenchanted with what is going on so far ... looking at other people's lives, ,I feel like they are having a better time than mine.... but, fikir2, what I have is better than some folks out there .. then came the lesson ... Be Happy, Syukur With What You Have .. Never Lose Desire For The Better ..

2) A Lot Like Love & The Smiths

Saw two movies these past few days ... both are recommended :-)

A Lot Like Love - I would say that the key to this movie's success is the chemistry betweem two leads, Oliver n Emily ... it's like a Gen X When Harry Met Sally wannabe ... I enjoyed it, there were some really good moments ... two of them .. one : when Oliver's bro told him to get up and face life, in sign language, at the beach .. Olly's just lost his business, and moved in back with his parents.. two : Olly sang Bn Jovi's I'll Be There For You for Emily at Emily's doorstep .. I know the movie is kinda corny at times ...hehe ..but, I liked it and may watch it again in the theatres..

Mr N Mrs Smith - it's a cool movie I admit .. again the chemistry between the leads made this movie pretty watchable .. I liked that both leads seemed to be having fun and not take themselves too seriously ;-) .. it was good popcorn movie stuff .. plus the song Making Love Out Of Nothing At All, will never be the same for me .. ;-)

3) A Marriage

A fellow blogger's bro got married and he is working same place as I am right now ( ( I am leaving soon though ... ). Met the guy and he is a cool chap. I have read her postings for the past 2 years plus and to sum her up .. she is cool, wacky, fun, great wife n mom ... her link is here. There is a link to the pics of her bro's wedding.

4) Last Week

It is my last week where I am working ... hmm, rasa tak sabar2 nak ciao pulak ..n go on my vacation / break / soul searching sessions .. ;-P



mrs.hafizNEN said...

thank you :) such a sweet person u r!

Pantani's 2nd Cousin said...

how do u know bjarne riis?