Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Kilang Cokelat --> Merdeka

1) Today my sis belanja me tgk Kilang Cokelat at MV. Okayla .. not as boring as I thought it would be ;-) ..

2) 31st August is Malaysia'2 48th Independence Day. Like what I wrote in a comment at this blog. .. "So much we have accomplished, yet so much more needs to be done .. as a nation. " fikir - fikirkan lah ..

3)I may see some sand and water the next few days .. hmmm...

4) DVDs just bought

a) Serendipity
b) Something's Gotta Give
c) Sisterhood Of Travelling Pants
d) Day of The Jackal ( versi lama )
e) Hitch

a, b , e .. I am sucker for good romantic comedies ;-)
c .. Alexis Bledel !!
d .. I loved the book ;-)

Happy Merdeka Day !!


Anonymous said...

eh, yg c tuh ada movie dah? thought buku saja. nanti review kalau bagus.

out of that 5, a&e, few of my favaurites. but hitch lawaklah though some choose to disagree, to each, their own preference.


binx said...

just watched hitch on merdeka eve.. bought the dvd ages ago though and baru 1st time tgk.. love the movie very much..

dun't forget to write on (c) once u've watch it ok..

susanjafri said...

Hey Mir.... I love Sisterhood Of Travelling Pants!!! Sad & sweet.

guile said...

dang, i actually enjoyed watching sisterhood of the traveling pants.. ms bledel's eyes certainly helped..