Friday, January 06, 2006


" .. so I call u girl la .. "
" ..jd I call u boy ? "
" err.. yeah .. "
" ok "
" ...I jadi yr boy, u jadi my girl .. "

* boy n girl

girl : " ...enam bulan.."
boy : " yeah "
boy : " u okay ke ? "
girl : *geleng2 kepala * " tak okay "
boy : " .. itu dulu la .. "
boy : " dengan u it's different "
*girl looks at boy*
*boy takes girl right hand, genggam-s and kisses it*
boy : " dont worry, it's good "
girl smiles

lesson : boy, don't talk too much abt the past. Let it go. Nasib baik girl faham ..lucky boy.


The scenes were recorded at Chilis KLCC on boy n girl's one month anniversary :D

++ boy need to go for a "forget the past, look for the future" therapy ..


Inn said...

heh. cute.

or Boy can "forget the past" and try "live in the moment" and dont worry "about the future" so much.

happy one month's anniversary!

toughcookie said...

wow... baru one month dah celebrate kat Chillis... i can't wait to hear where it'd be for your 2 months... *pressure pressure hehe...

ala... old trick la kissing the girl's hand... memang sure ok punye la can guarantee ;P

happy berhepi-hepi...

MarinaDelRey said...

hi just bloghoppin' in :-)
cool discourse analysis...n yes, v. cute!

Omecool20 said...


Tq for the tips. Ya la, true .. so true ..


2nd month ? roti canai n teh tarik je :P ... good trick ? it's a trick ? hehehe


tq for coming by :D .. good luck on babyhood :-)

voice said...

glad to read you're on cloud 9. that makes two of us ;)

Omecool20 said...


I am happy 4 U :-)