Friday, January 13, 2006

Rain + Demons

Part 1

KL ( office )- B : Motor .. rain ..
B - KL Sentral : Komuter
KL Sentral - B : Komuter
B - KL ( apt ): Motor

Why do u do it ? So that u can ride with her sampai dia balik rumah, as she was working late that night. Even though u were a bit wet due to the weather, u were willing to do so .. to hold her tender hands n feel the warmth ..

Part 2

On the last part of Part 1, the demons paid a visit .. " Kan prinsip kau tak nak menyusahkan orang ... kan kau menyusahkan dia sekrg .." it played on and on, like a broken record and it bothered me till this morning ... masa breakfast, I told her and she reassured me that everything was alright .. " Don't think too much, dear .. "

I feel a bit better now ... I know I am still recovering and leaving the emo baggage of the past.

Thank you, L, for understanding ....


voice said...

When you have the willingness to do something for someone, yang normally susah pun akan rasa senang. Yes?

She's right. Don't think too much! (my guy also thinks too much..hmm...i thought that's a girl thing! hehehe...)

Omecool20 said...


Yeah .. :D the payback is worth it. :D ...

Now, I still think, but not too much :P