Wednesday, February 08, 2006


1) Last nite at Starbucks, I had a date with destiny. Destiny did not show up. Life goes on :D

2) I am going to be gila2 sibuk till end of April, sbb my final paper is due by end of April n I haven't started anything yet ! ..uwaa....

Told her abt no 2, and dia faham ;-)

3) I met an old schoolmate and a favorite blogger of mine ( blog la balik, girl ! :D ..u know who u are .. ). In KLCC, the past tends to catch up with you while destiny awaits ..;-)

One thing is for sure .. I still view the world through my idealistic eyes ! ;-) ... time to do some new mental models la ...

Try To Find Me
- Gorky Park -

When the rain is pouring down
And no one is around
All the doors are closed
You're a stranger in this town
Wandering around and you feel lost

Please try to find me and I'll try to find you
You know I need you just like you need me
Please don't give up cause we're almost together
We've almost made it, hold on and you'll see

When nobody wants to hear
What you want to say
And you feel down when your hope has disappeared
Like a morning train
You can't slow down


I'm just like you,
Oh you know it's true
Don't give up my friend
This is not the end



lady_bugs said...

hie ome..

how r u??

-old friend-

Omecool20 said...

I am good :) .. dont know yg u r blogging longer than me. ;-)