Monday, March 27, 2006

Langkah Pertama

1) Langkah Pertama

It is always the first step, that the journey begins ... hopefully, at the end of the journey, it will all work out. Last weekend, it began ... InsyaAllah, in the end, it will work out .. :-)

2)My Blog

To be honest, I always wanted to talk more than the regular jiwang stuff in my blog. When I read other people's writings, .. they seem to write more interesting stuff than mine. It occurred to me then, that in the end, your blog is what you want to write about. Write what you want to talk and be responsible for its content. Terima and appreciate the feedback, comments that you receive. Maybe good or bad, but at least ada feedback.

Whatever people call your blog, --- syok sendiri ke, main2 ke .. in the end, it is your blog. Please treat my blog with respect, as well as people treat yours. Kalau tak suka / minat, don't come again la .. ;-)

3) Blog Lagi

I like reading blogs. That I admit. I have blogs which I visit daily. Why ? .. interests and inspiration :D ... I credit a few blogs for maintaining my faith in the love ( u know who u r :P ) ..and now, I have found her. It is refreshing to read people writings ... especially those who share the same personal stuff that u r going through. U realize in the big picture, you are not alone.

:-) .. me gotta go..

1 comment:

Inn said...

i totally agree wit :) ur jiwang posts help me stay hopeful as well. and agrre on ur notes about blog.

if u know who walk besides you at all time, you'll never be afraid.
-from the course of miracle-

but then again, i ni cam pandai cakap aje kan. hehe.