Monday, April 24, 2006

Cite, Footie, RIP

Cerita Part

Saw a bit of last nite, forum, on TV 1, at Sepet n Gubra … as usual, in the end, denial is better for everything. Malaysians need more Yusuf Haslams, Razak Mohaideen n Malay melodrama crap ….
Is it me or when the closer the moment comes, things become clearer n feet jadi ‘colder’ ? … since she is in Sabah, some stuff is clearer a bit …. N she is a bit worried ….
What is wrong ? Nothing is wrong … I think I am asking the right questions n looking for answers …

U sure u want ah, to do this ?

Footie part

Pool won 2 – 1, vs Chelsea in FA Cup semis n will play West Ham … and right abt now, I am addicted balik to Champ Manager .. uwaaa … ;-) .. sharpen my brains though :D …
Tq to Idlan for supporting ;-) .. and Nazmi, we are in the final … but, yr Milan is catching up to my old lady … in Liga, Barca should win it soon .. Imagine a Barca – Arsenal final ? …. Uwaaa , best tu .. if u want to see the swansong of MU decade, watch on Apr 29, Chelsea – MU … MU might win or not … but, after this season, they might be doing a Pool 90s swoon , for a while … Pool, Chelsea n Arsenal are building for the future … MU.. ? … hmm, Fergie hasn’t heard the fat lady songs I suppose .. maybe they need to check the audio systems at Old Trafford :D


Tun Ghafar Baba .. Rest in peace .. AlFatihah.. u deserve the rest ..

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