Monday, January 15, 2007

Short Notes

Hey there , peeps ..

I have a post all written up but it's stuck in my PDA. I'll post it soon ...

Johor Floods

It is quite a tragedy to be honest ... not once, but twice in a row .. when it comes to all banjir disasters, usually, Johor is the least known state to suffer, but this time, it seems to be a major problem.

Datuk Shahrizat called for volunteers, but the response was lookwarm ... this post summed it perfectly. In Malaysia, I noticed when disasters occur, it is usually, the unknown heroes, the common joe ( Ali, Ah Chong, Muthu, et al ), who do the hard work to help. The VIPs are there for the photo op. When the good times roll, it is only the VIPs who get limelight.

Forgive me for being cynically about all of this ... but I guess this is life ...

World Outlook

As various shenanigans are going around the world, I ask myself .. why would you want to bring another jr. in this world ? Then, it occurred to me .. oh well, maybe if I raise my kids and family alright .. it will contribute to a better world :-) ... sounds idealistic huh ? ..


My Pet Life will also have some new siblings ... coming soon :-)


Inn said...

hey ome. that's true. my dad works at the shelter at least once a week. Kalau MB visit muar, baru la orang lain gi sibuk2 over there. but area lain like sri medan/pt sulong.. waktu tu takde yg menolong. semua nak tunjuk muka kat MB/press. eeeeeeei. geram.

higher authority bila nak gi melawat patut dont heboh2 sangat. then they'll see the true pictures. ada volunteers also amil kesempatan -- charging the victims, taking the supply for themselves. hey, macam2 u know.

we are all one. one. one. u can always start with ur own family :)

Omecool20 said...

Inn :-) Yr party is da bomb. My dad went to visit the flood areas a bit semalam ... dasyat juga his description ...

InsyaAllah, I will start with my family.