Monday, March 12, 2007

6 Weirdness of Ome

Tagged by my friend cookie, here are six weird things about me ....

1) Time Management

I always expect people to be on time, but I sendiri ada problem. Go figure ! :P

2) Multiple Thinking

I can think multiple things at one time... wifey says I think too much ;-)

3) Championship Manager addict

I have been CM since Championship Manager 2, but only till Championship Manager 03/04, the last CM that was produced by Sports Interactive, before they left and made Football Manager. I guess I am a sucker for the CM old version. I have spent sleepless nights ;-) playing that game. CM addicts, u know what I mean. The chosen clubs are from clubs that usually play the same season as the Premiership - England, France, Spain, Italy. ;-) I tell ya, playing CM gives you a really good feel, in managing a football club.

4) Loves boybands

This is my weakness and still is. Though boyband nowadays are not that good ;-) It started with NKOTB, my still fav boyband of all time :D .... Westlife, Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, Five .. ah, whenever it's karaoke time , I can still belt it out, with emotion lagi :D

5) Used to read a lot of Malay romance novels

I used to read a lot of Alaf 21 Malay novels.. I actually have a stack of them, which I read and reread. ( I am kind of jiwang in that way ). Among the authors whose books I have are Anis Ayuni and Aisya Sofea .. those who read know who they are ...

6) Have travelled all over Peninsular Malaysia on a kapchai :D

Yes sir ... I have done that .... during the late 90s .. I was your original easy rider mat rempit :D my favorite journey would be the ride I took from Johor Baru ( JB ) to Kota Bharu ( KB ). Oh yeah, did I mention that I was on my own ? and it was a Kriss 110 ?

I am not going to tag anyone lah to follow this stuff , dah le tu weii ... :-)


Acat said...

dude cm rules.. hehe i've since progressed to the FM series which added some fancy new things but remained faithful to the CM spirit. hehe berhantu game ni weh..

Omecool20 said...

hehe .. u got that rite dude :-)

FM okay ke ... tah I still prefer the old cm3 interface kot ... I will try FM .. later kot ..