Sunday, August 26, 2007

Confession Of A So Called Former Blog Whore

Nice title isn't it .. actually the post has been spinning in my head for the past few months.

When I discovered blogging a few years back, thanks to my sister Alia, I was naturally became addicted to reading them. Aizudddin Danian, Najah .. were one of the few ones I read. And I am proud to say that some of them became my friends as well, online / real world.

This blog whore term came around some time last year before I got married. I was following ( and still do ) this particular famous local blogger, who blogs from overseas. I had a chance to meet this person when he/she was here for the holidays. It was not a pleasant experience and it left me feeling cold. I rationalized that not all bloggers are what they write in real life ( silly me ! ) .... and it was one off experience.

I realized that I became a blog whore ... someone who reads blogs, sorely to vicariously live their lives through the blog author's postings. Thankfully, I have recovered. The key to my recovery was simply this .... read a blog like you read a magazine. The info there is for your own pleasure, but don't take it too personal :-) if you like it, use it .. if you don't like it ... discard it ... and if you admire the blogger, dont go ga-ga personally over them.

That is why, nowadays, I rarely blog hop .. I tend to have a list of blogs which I read daily ( incl. that person ! ) Also, if I see a famous blogger which I am reading, I do not approach him / her unlike in the past... unless I know him / her.

To those who wonder who he/she is .... all I can say is .... dia pandai menyusun hidupnya :-)

pps / I will write a bit more from now on .... ;-)


Kamigoroshi said...

The Irony is that because I write a personal blog, who I am on my blog is exactly as it is in real life. Though sometimes that may be unimaginable, but then...we are what we make ourselves right?

Yatz said...

that's why i condemn those who commented in kennysia's blog..LOL

Omecool20 said...

kami :-) ... that's true

yatz ..heheheeh

toughcookie said...

i guess some bloggers just want to write for their personal satisfaction.

when i first started, i used the blog as a vent to my frustrations. i was an anonymous to the blog world. after awhile and the many mails i received, i started to take more pride in ownership and decided to come out of the closet. posted my photos and all. but then, only those who read from the start could see the stages i went thru.

when you saw me and called my nick on the escalator, i was excited. never really thought people read those things i write. never could understand why some would keep reading. but i do enjoy blogging. and wouldn't mind a bit if people tegur me.

but you're right on one thing... that one shouldn't take seriously what a blogger says. sometimes, they write certain topics out of what they were feeling at that point of time. it doesn't mean that the opinion rules or represent what the blogger believes and feels.

hmmm... when are we gonna bump into each other again? *wink*

Anonymous said...

I think I know the person you're talking about.
Dia pernah kawin dgn kawan aku punya cousin. Pastu cerai and marries some little fish..

Omecool20 said...

cookie :-) tgk la bgm ..

anonymous ... don't think so, but .. thank you for stopping by ..

Anonymous said...

The Approached One:

I still remember that meet, and I confess it took me aback. I am sorry it was not a pleasant experience for you - it wasn't the best of experiences for me, either, being approached as such, but I apologise if I hurt your feelings.

It was weird, you know, having dinner and then suddenly being approached out of nowhere; and not quite knowing whether this was a prank or not; and then very surprised that I was introduced to someone else by you who seemed to know everything about me. It was also quite scary when you went on and asked for my phone number.

I blog because I feel like it. Before that incident I never thought about how much scary it is when people know things about you - only via reading what you write.

I wish you would have told me about your dissastifaction via email or something rather than telling everything a year or so later, but let's leave that at that. All the best to you.

Omecool20 said...

The Approached One

Hmm...what has been done, has been done .. so okay lah ... all the best to you too.