Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Future is What You Make Of It

The Future is what you make of it. :-)

Itulah kata - kata keramat yang diutarakan oleh Doc Brown kpd Marty McFly di penghujung Back To The Future III.

In the pursuit of the future, one thing clear is there is no shortcut. Tidak ada short-cut. That is the lesson learnt and relearnt recently.

I miss my friends. What I miss is the camarederie and simply just catching up with each other. I will be the first to reach out from now on.

I love my wife n daughter. Sometimes, they drive me nuts ;-) but they are the apple of my eye. It does help to see their pictures everyday, scrolling around the desktop.

Whatever that needs to be done, must be planned. Then it is all easy from there. And incorporated into all plans, the delay of instant gratification. Gratification is only accepted when the plan has been executed and succeeds.


eliza said...

Hi Cool...All the best in your Herbalife business, and good luck with the rest of the personal stuff. Keep in touch, take care.

Omecool20 said...

Hi Eliza. How are you dear ?

Thanks a lot. I guess you being a loyal reader would know so much abt what I write eh ;-)