Friday, July 11, 2008

Sepi + Criminal Minds

1) Sepi

Aku menonton Sepi petang tadi. Pada pendapat aku, ia adalah salah satu filem Melayu yang bagus sejak kebelakangan ini. Tahniah kepada Kaber Bhatia + pasukan, kerana menghasilkan satu karya yang mebuat aku bangga dengan filem Melayu. Tidak ada unsur2 melalut dan merapik, tidak seperti karya seorang professor. Kisah Adam adalah yang paling mengesankan kerana aku pernah melaluinya, kisah Sufi mengingatkan aku tentang keluarga dan cinta dan kisah Imaan membuat aku menghargai kehadiran orang2 yang ku sayang.

The photography, the mood and the dialogue was perfect.

2) Criminal Minds - North Mammon

Just watched the episode earlier tonight. And it struck a nerve. Suffice to say that it triggered a few memories of high school n college years. I see the point of the main protagonist, the reason he did the things he did. But that is no excuse. I would have used the same excuse years ago ... but not anymore. As I learnt a few years ago, we all have the power of choice in how we respond to the going-ons in our life.

Like the comment I made in this blog post, one of the key moves I made was to define my own success / failure. It is still evolving ( mind you ) .. but I am not worried much about it. I know where I want to go ... at least there is a destination at the end of the journey.

I still have some minor issues with my past, but most of the time, I am at peace with it... those that troubled me are the ones that are still unresolved. But I am on the way to resolving them.

One last thing, most of the methods of the self-help and motivation books available in the market do actually work. To read it is one thing, but the key to improve / change, is to practice it.

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