Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Lesson on RM

Recently for the past two months, I was given the opportunity to do some part time teaching at a private university that catered for adult working students. The money was okay so I accepted the offer. It came at the last minute but it was an opportunity to earn some extra RM.

Bad move.

I do have a passion to teach but the events that happened during this part-time gig, especially in terms of grading, have taught me a lesson. The lesson is simply, teaching for RM and RM only, will lead to disastrous results, as evident by my gig. And if given the opportunity, I will not take it up again. The teaching environment at the university was not conducive and frankly, I was surprised and disappointed with the attitude of most of the students.

Anyway, a lesson learnt.


Idlan said...

I never had the opportunity to do part time gigs before; although I have often been tempted! I guess your experience earns a strike through that line on my to-do list.

The fact that an institution cannot hire full time staff must send an interesting signal in itself.

Omecool20 said...

Yep, never thought about that part until I was there and understood the whole setup. Funny thing is that most of their teaching staff are part timers. Yikess !! In other words, it is a degree mill in my opinion.

toughcookie said...

in my freelancing stint ni kan, it is always about the RM. kalau ada calls from new clients, i anggap it as rezeki sebab siapa nak bagi you duit kalau you tak usaha kan?

but you are right tau. when it comes to just for the RM, the results may not be that favourable. i got 2 new clients and both dah berbulan2 takde hasil. satu tu i'm still waiting for payment, satu lagi macam tipu... ambik my write-up and terus cabut.

i shall just stick to my usual clients. but if you look at it from the other side, macam i tak berkembang pulak. seriously, entah.

Omecool20 said...


I think you can berkembang. If you get referrals from your past clients, those are the ones that should be okay. Tapi, ye la, you need the RM more since you are an enterpreneur. A fine line always, between both sides.