Monday, July 18, 2005


-- the past few days have been interesting

1) Kelas dah mula balik .. there goes my Saturdays ...

2) I am following the Tour De France. Why ? It is Lance Armstrong last race as a pro cyclist, and he is leading right now. The guy is remarkable. He has won SIX straight Tours and is on pace to win his seventh. Consecutive, back-to-back. Woo.. and this chap is a cancer survivor. Suffice to say that this guy is an inspiration. And yes, L&Gs, I was a cycling nut once .. still is ... to a lesser extent..hehehe ....

3) British Open .. Tiger won it .. his 10th major .. and he is still 29 ! .. he has accomplished so much at his age, but true to his personality, I don't he'll stop there.

With no 2 & no 3, it is hard not to admire them for what they have accomplished. It looks so easy, yet it is not. A lot was done - planning, execution, sacrifice, etc. I know about all this , yet ... here I am now. What I realized during the past few weeks is that I am more of a dreamer, than a doer. I dream, I plan .. yet they all remain there .. in dreams ... More Do, Less Dream Azmir !!

Banyaknya berfikir nowadays ;-p

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