Saturday, July 16, 2005

New Thoughts

The past few days which I have not posted.. I thought of new things .. new findings .. new realizations ... when one faces repeated failures, if one does not learn from it, and apply its lessons, then one is sure gonna kena lagi.

What I listened in the past few days was my collection of Padi, Def Leppard, LP, Limp Bizkit and Oasis, and they helped to raise my spirits. Too many songs by the groups I can list below ... but ... some of the phrases from the songs I listened ..

" .. where does love go when it dies .. ", Def Leppard
" .. get off the floor and believe in life .. " Oasis
" .. it's my way .. my way or the highway .. " Limp Bizkit
" .. the very worst part of me is you .. ", LP
" .. sesuatu yg indah untuk dirimu .. ", Padi

you know what peeps, in the end, it's all about you ... not others .. you have to take care of you.. no one else will do it for you ...


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