Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lu Lompat, Gua Lompat

1) Yesterday, went back to Penang for a short trip. On the bus, the driver pasang Titanic. While reading the paper, tgk2 la sikit .. I concentrated a bit when the scene that Rose wanted to jump of at the back of the ship n Jack selamatkan dia. Jack uttered the famous phrase .." You jump, I jump .. " ..
Ingat tak demam Titanic melanda dunia ? hehe ... ramai org demam tgk filem ni .. I think the main reason sbb ia kisah cinta .. cinta abadi n tulus la katakan ;-) .. hehe.. but for me, the main reason I liked watching it sbb it conveyed the situations and emotions oleh penumpang2 tragedi Titanic ..can't imagine what I would do or act if I was there. I hope they rest in peace.

2) Masa dalam bas tu juga, aku fikir tentang dia. Mengapa aku suka dia, walaupun dia hanya menganggap aku kawan aja. Bila aku berbicara dengan memberku yg baru kahwin tu,E, kalau gadis lain, aku berkira sikit ( cewah .. ) tapi, dia.. aku terima dia sebab diri dia .. baik n buruknya. Kalau dia call aku minta tolong, pasti aku akan berbuat apa sahaja .. tapi.. kadang2 aku rasa mahu sahaja melupakan dia , tapi, bila dgr lagu dia, aku terus tersenyum n teringat dia. Nak katakan angau, angau ni dah lama juga ... ;-p *sigh* if she only knew ..

2.1 ) Masa dalam bas juga, terfikir yg selama ni aku berminat pada ladies yg memang gerenti aku tak dpt .. mcm magnet songsang la aku ... E hanya menasihati aku bersabar .. pergh , boleh la org sabar, kau dah ada Z ;-p .. hehe ... so sekrg ni, aku tak fikir apa2 dah sgt. Think positive n simpan segala rindu, cinta n dendam utk si dia.

2.2 ) Rasa2nya patut tak aku bagi deadline pada dia ? Cewah .. bagi deadline 31.12.2005 .. kalau tak jadi aku dengan dia .. aku simpan perasaan aku pd dia di kotak sejarah yg berlabel Dia and move on with my life. Ada deadline la pulok .. hehe ... actually, bukan kali pertama aku buat deadline dengan dia .. ada la a few times, tapi aku tak pernah beritahu dia ttg deadline .. hehe .. kalau la dia tahu ..

2.3 ) Tuhan, kau hantar signal kat aku boleh tak ttg si dia ? Lampu merah, kuning or hijau ? ( aku mintak2 hijau ... hehehe )

2.4 ) Kadang2 pagi2 bila aku bangun pagi, aku terbayang dia di sebelah aku, mata dia tertutup, rambut dia serabut sikit .. tgh tidur dengan lena .. aku pikir aku akan tgk dia selama 10 saat, lepas tu usap pipi dia dgn lembut n perlahan, then give her a light kiss on her forehead .. :-) .. cewah ! angan abis angau gue ... inikah dikatakan cinta ? Ada apa dengan cinta ?

* udah le dengan cerita no 2 tu, krg ada pembaca muntah ;-p

3) Gue still jobless ..dah dua bulan ni ... uwaaaa ....

4) Saya syok dengar lagu ni skrg ( sbb mp3 baru dapat ;-) ) ... gelek bang gelek ...

Shake Your Tailfeather -Nelly, PDiddy, Murphy Lee -

[Nelly] (P. Diddy)
We do it for fun
We just do it for fun
Dirty E.A.T
We do it for fun
Bad Boy (Nelly, Diddy, Murphy Lee)
We do it for fun (This is history baby)
Bend them trucks
We do it for fun (haha)
Stack them bucks
We do it for fun (Come on now)
And the band played on (yea)
Just like (I believe you cool to this)
We do it for fun
If you see me ma
We do it for fun

[P. Diddy]
Bad Boys 2, the soundtrack
Let's Go

[Verse 1: Nelly] + (P. Diddy)
Hey girl
What your name is?
Where you from?
Turn around who you came with?
Is that your ass or your momma have reindeer?
I can't explain it but damn sure glad you came here
I'm still a sucker for cornrolls, you know I never changed that (nah uh)
Your body is banging mamma, but where your brains at? (Come on)
I'm still the same cat when I was young I was running with bad boys
But now I'm older hope they saw I'm running with bad boys (that's right)
Here come another man
Unlike no other man
Candy coated whoa!
Switching in every lane
Ya'll help me
Why don't cha
Please help me
Eigth girl this week and it's only Tuesday
I like the cocky bow legged ones
Like white and Dominicans
Hispanics and Asians
Shake it for Nelly son
Manolos Ma-no-no's I can't tell
Everybody and their hootchies
When you do it do it well

{*Braves tomahawk chop done in background of Chorus*}

[Nelly] Let me see you take it off
[P. D.] Girl go and take it off
[Nelly] We can even do it slow
[P. D.] We can even do it slow
[Nelly] Take it where you want to go
[P. D.] Take it where you want to go
[Nelly] Just take that ass to the floor
[P. D.] Pop something move something
Shake ya tail feather, girl go and take it low
[Nelly] We can even do it slow
[P. D.] We can even do it slow
[Nelly] Take it where you want to go
[P. D.] Take it where you want to go
[Nelly] Just take that ass to the floor
[P. D.] Pop something move something
Shake ya tail feather

[Verse 2: P. Diddy] + (Nelly)
Now real girls get down on the floor (on the floor)
Get that money honey act like you know (like you know)
Mama I like how you dance
The way you fit in them pants (Uh)
Enter the floor (Uh) take it low (Uh) girl do it again (Uh)
You know I love that (I love that)
Now where them girls at? (Where the girls at?)
It's Diddy, Murphy Lee, and Nelly how you love that? (Shit uh ohhhhhh)
Come on, we got another one player
>From New York to the Dirty how they loving it player?
Baby you impressive let's get
To know each other
You the best of the best and
You got to love it in the dresses, the sexiest
I had to tell her she's a young Janet Jackson live in living color
Look here momma you're dead wrong for having them pants on
Capri's cut low so when you shake it I see you're thong
My pocket's full of dough shake your feathers till the morning
It's Bad Boy and Nelly man somebody better warn them


[Bridge: Nelly]
Oh no I heard them bad boys coming
Can't stop now
Got to continue my running (yea)
Because we go party till them lights come on
And then my song start thumping because my mike still on

[Verse 3: Murphy Lee] + (Nelly)
Yo, I'm the big booty type
I like them thick with their mind right (Awe)
Banging personality conversate when the time right (Naw)
I'm not hard I've got women to handle that
They be like he the man when I'm really a Thundercat
Come on you know the tics connect like Voltron
Collect so much grass popo thinking we mow lawns
My gohans don't match that
But it matches her head wrap and the seats that I got in the lap
I'm just a juvenile (Wha)
Because I be about G's
Keep your women wizzy man they say they have my babies
I'm young like Tucker like the cash and the money (I'm going to eat my money)
Man, I'm that damn hungry
See I'm starving like Marvin girl
I've got sixteen bars of fire is what I'm starting
Plus my rats come in packs like Sammy and Dean Martin
And I got so many keys you'd think I was valet parking


[Bridge: Nelly]
Oh no I heard them bad boys coming
Can't stop now
Got to continue my running (yea)
Because we go party till them lights come on
And then my song start thumping because my mic still on (man)

ps / lagu utk dia ? .. hehe .. next post la ... hehe


Anonymous said...

ok dah jadi habit to comment here. selagi url ada kat bar nieh, selagi tuh akan selalu visit.kalau tetiba senyap tuh, maknanya dah tua and makin lupa ha ha ha.

disclaimer sebelum mula comment.

ttanic nieh tak minat sangat cuma takkan lupa duduk sebelah boyfriend awek cina nieh, awek dia masih cool, dia dah dok meleleh airmata, teresak2 nangis. pelik betul for a while. so whilst everybody was emotional over the movie, i was busy refraining from laughing so much watching this fella next to me. cuba dia dok jauh2 sket, senang sket nak gelakkan. my cousin thinks im one cold heartless person but apa nak buat, jarang nampak lelaki nangis cam perempuan. over plak tuh.

but yg ada orang tua couple lying on their bed whilst waiting for death, that scene sticks in my mind when i watch it on an advert some yrs back bila nak tayangkan kat tv. dorang saja yg tak panic and feels ready to go. makes u wonder, when ur that old, or any age, are you ready to go meet ur creator????

sakit anagu nieh susah jugakkan. kalau letak dateline lagi heartpain kot. cause when the dateline arrives and u feel like as if nothing has been achieve, lagi susah to move on. why not just leave it as it is and still carry on with life? if something meant to happen it will, if not then tak jadi.

most of the time we all think we always end up liking someone that we won't get. same here. and ramai lagi kat luar sana.but sometimes the unexpected happens. someoneelse comes along and we suddenly forget about everyoneelse we never get and how come we get this person.

2 mths jobless, selamat mencari kerja.

ok ini dah panjang macam buat entry kat blog sendiri. ada orang suka baca orang punya entries panjang2, ada orang tak suka =). kalau kat blog sendiri nak buat berjela pun takpe ha ha ha ha ha


HANI said...

To me, it irritates the hell out of me to watch people "like" someone but never tell. Dream, dream, dream, never do anything about it.

That's just wasting time. And then, "if something meant to happen it will" is also rubbish, if you don't DO something! Allah helps those who help themselves! At the very least, let that person know you find her attractive, and that you are an option for dating, if she wants. Tell her, if she don't want to date you also, it's okay with you. You're cool with being just friends, but hey, kalau nak bagi rezeki tu, you won't tolak!

and once you've made ONE move, you can hope, "if it's meant to happen it will." Jangan harap something will happen, when you haven't even tried to do something about it. Usaha, damn it!

Omecool20 said...

Raf, terimakasih kerana melawat n mewarnai dunia komen saya :-)
ya la .. fed-up asyik bertepuk sebelah tangan je .. that's why I fikir I want to chill n concentrate benda lain .. cewah .. cakap aje tu ;-p

Hani, tq for the kind words doll. Yr last words is what I internalize now .. if its meant to be then its meant to be, if not .. what to do .. but still ....

susanjafri said...

Gosh Mir... takkan u nak biarkan u dream girl just go like that... 'Tanpa keberanian mimpi tak akan menjadi kenyataan.' Well the least u cud do is let her know abt your feelings and your deadline, and then let her 'fly'...if she comes back to you..then you guys are meant for each other. If not, it's not the end of the world. Just pack-up your emotional-suitcase and move on. Good luck Mir...

HANI said...

Good. Good luck, man! Kalau no luck, I promise there are other fish in the sea. ;)