Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Visit To Kilang Cokelat

Just came back watching the midnight of the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate factory with my newly married friend.

My review : Sweet as chocolate :-p .. it is a good movie, on the top it is a funny flick, but underneath it, a few things came to my mind , byk hidden messages.

My newly married friend may not know this, but I think he is going to be alright with this marriage thingy. ;-) And, in spite of my almost cynical thing about the whole marriage + relationship gig, he's inspiring me a bit, and his beloved is so lucky to have him, .. but then I think she knows kot, that's why she married him in the first place !!

More Kilang Cokelat

The Yahoo movie page is here. You can find loads of reviews there.


Anonymous said...

charlie and the chocolate factory rawks!

was the cinema scented with chocolate scent? some of the cinemas here (in sg) ada scent of it when it's showing this film. the nice smell compliments well with the movie.

Zsarina said...

Ahh..must watch it then. You shouldn't be cynical when it comes to love. Sure, sometimes cupid's arrow hits in all the wrong places (and time!) but that doesn't mean you should give up on the whole franchise altogether. Take it from a married lady...;-)

Omecool20 said...

- there was no chocolate scent :-( .. but, the sound system was way too loud ! ..

- thank you for the kind words :-) .. see la how .. hehehe ...