Monday, September 19, 2005


1) Goodbye

Thursday afternoon 4 pm - a baby girl is born to a couple, their firstborn
Friday morning 4 am - baby transferred to ICU and put on full machine support
Saturday evening 9 pm - baby passes away
Sunday morning - funeral of the baby

I knew the couple when they were courting. I went to their wedding. Met them a few times she was carrying the baby. No wonder the couple were subdued when I met them once I heard of the news of the birth. I told the hubby to keep his head up and hope everything works out.

Sunday morning I got the news. Met the hubby n wife. The hubby was okay about it and the wife ... I didn't ask much. I wonder what goes in her mind. I did say to the hubby that he needs to support the wife during this time. But I think he already knows that.

Al Fatihah to the daughter of M&M. Amin.

" Dari Dia kita datang dan kepada Dia kita kembali "

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Inn said...

Al-fatihah. Such a sad loss for the couple. My prayers are with them.