Thursday, September 22, 2005

Jom Tgk Wayang

I have been watching a few flicks in the cinema for the past two weeks , so well here are my reviews of the ones yg I watched ;-)

1) Janji Joni

This is an Indonesian flick which is quite interesting. ;-) .. the premise is simply a day of the life of a film delivery guy. In trying to impress a lady ( Mariana Renata ) he met at a cinema, he tries to deliver his film on time, so that he can get her name. OK la .. sounds cheesy eh .. but that what goes in his quest is worth watching. This movie plays tribute to moviemaking and has a few subtle messages in it, related to filmmaking and society. It is a light breezy kind of flick and Nicholas Saputra does a good job as Joni. Watch it and see whether Joni fulfills his promise ;-) Recommended.

2) Herbie Fully Loaded

Ok Ok .. so sue me that I watched this because of Lindsay Lohan ;-p .. well, she stars in this movie. And I still like her as a redhead rather than blond ;-p .. the movie is another story .. the return of Herbie, the VW Bug ... it was fun and entertaining .. especially if you know a bit on NASCAR. But, overall, this movie is for me, tengok sekali dah cukup. The antics of Herbie is okay la ... so get the DVD if you like Lindsay Lohan

3) Salaam Namaste

I like Hindi movies, but not all la. My main criteria for a good Hindi movie is simple - Movie and Songs must be good. If one is lacking than the other then .. sayang la. This movie stars Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta ( rawrr ) ;-) .. about a couple who lives together ( mula2 separate rooms then ... ) and falls in love. Your typical Bollywood flick. ;-) Set in Melbourne. The leads got chemistry, the story is okay, the songs are okay ( only 3 !! ) I enjoyed watching this flick and would recommend it to anyone who likes Hindi to watch this movie.

The one thing that hit me though was the character of Nikhil ( " My name is Nick " ) .. his beliefs in the movie used to reflect mine in a way .. about marriage and kids .. like I said, used to .. so I kind of understood when his character does a u-turn in the end of the flick about this matter. When you have found that someone, your perspective changes ... ;-)

Other links on the movie -

4) KL Menjerit 1

Aku mengaku yg aku menonton filem tempatan yg diputarkan di cineplex. Bukan semua tetapi filem2 yg ada konsep dan cerita yang menarik. ( Nota : Aku tak nak tgk cerita Yusof Haslam atau Prof XXXX lagi, unless org belanja. Tobat ! ) Cerita ni aku tengok sebab aku dah tengok filem yg sebelum , KL Menjerit. Yang ni pula adalah prequel pada filem yang lepas.

Pertama, tabik kepada pengarahnya, Bade kerana membuat filem2 yang berbeza daripada filem2 Melayu biasa. Filem2 KL Menjerit ni berkisarkan kisah mat2 rempit di KL. Tak ramai org buat filem ttg golongan ini.

Kedua, filem ni menghiburkan, walaupun aku lebih suka pada KL Menjerit yg pertama. Aksi lumba-lumba motor haram yg menarik, trauma Khatijah yg realistik dan jalan cerita yang menarik.

Ketiga, pelakon2 utama semua ok .. ( tak over2 la ).. tapi watak Apek tu, kalau tak ada pun .. tak penting, but dia mesti muncul sbb dia muncul in the previous KL Menjerit.

Mula2, selepas filem ni tamat, saya fikir "?" .. tetapi, fikir2 balik, filem ni kira okay lah .. ;-) oh ye, lebih bagus kalau anda dapat tgk KL Menjerit yg pertama, sebab ada rujukan filem pertama dalam filem ini.

Pada peminat filem tempatan, cerita ni selamat untuk anda tontoni ;-) .. gerenti tak membodohkan anda.

1) & 2 ) watched at 1 Utama
3) & 4 ) watched at Sunway Pyramid

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