Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Movies + ?

1) This past 24-36 hours I watched a few movies on DVD ... emotions ranged between LOL, sweet smile, melancholic smile, acknowledged nod ... question : why do we watch movies ? Many have argued that it is just for pure entertainment. I will tell you why I watch movies - escapism + motivation + inspiration :-) .. that's it.

I saw

1) Robin Williams Live

Hilarious .. most of it :-) ...had its usual share of profanity laced.. but it was good and I laughed out a few times. The man is a riot. Definitely recommended ;-)

2) The Wedding Date

A typical romantic comedy :-) but, it was kinda good .. the performance of the lead actress Debra Messing who plays Kat was the one that held this movie together :-) And it was set in a English setting ( and I am sucker for English setting romantic comedies ;-) ) the premise is interesting. Hiring a male escort for a wedding, to pretend that he is the boyfriend, just to throw off her ex, who happens to be the best man to the groom who is marrying her sister.. interesting eh ?

Hmm.. maybe I should do something similar for my next wedding to visit ..bosan la pi sorang2 ..cewah .. oh yeah, Maroon 5 'Secret' n Michael Buble's 'Sway' are featured here. I'll always think of this movie when I listen to these songs.

3) Under The Tuscan Sun

This movie first came to my mind when it was featured on this blog post.

Suffice to say, Diane Lane shone in this movie. ;-) .. and one reviewer put it .. it is pure escapism. It is escapism, but entertaining escapism. One line that was said in this movie was crystal clear .. as a character says it "Never lose your childish innocence. It's the most important thing." That I will hold dearly.

More quotes can be found here.

Many things in this movie I can identify with, so I would really recommend this movie .. paling kurang pun enjoy the landscape ... pure gorgeousness. Please beware though that this a chick flick okay. No boom-boom bang-bang here.


I first heard of this movie in this blog, where the blogger had an obsession with the movie for a while. I did not understand why, but after watching the DVD, I can see why. This movie is intriguing.

In the end of this movie, it made me think. All four main characters in this movie were grey. It is a movie, yet, .. their characters do exist in real life. Well, the people I have met anyway.

Loosely, it is about four people, 2 couple in a complex relationship deal. It is funny, sad, melancholic in a way. In the end, nothing is ever clearly resolved. I think I am going to watch it again, maybe ...just to get a clearer picture perhaps.

The movie advocates the point that nothing is ever clear in relationships .. there are grey areas, no black n white, which to a certain extent is true ya .. Definitely recommended ;-)

Another good Closer link here.

Some great quotes from the movie here.

Damien Rice's The Blower's Daughter is featured as the main song for this movie.

Waa.. so long one my reviews. Ini belum Janji Joni n Herbie. I'll save it for my next post eh. *wink*


Inn said...
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Inn said...

love Under the Tuscan Sun! I can never look at a ladybug without thinking of the movie. And the scenaries ... it's tough when one's been bitten by the travel bug. Lambatnya nak kumpul duit. tsk!

of course I also love najah's wise words and her thoughts.. it's amzing how she weaves all those into beautifu sentences and share it with the world.

binx said...

hey mr.. so wanna pull off something similar as the movie "the wedding date"?

u sure ah?

Omecool20 said...

Try me ;-) .. can what :-)

binx said...

so how do we go about doing it? u have YM?

Omecool20 said...

ada .. ..

binx said...

ok.. i've added u to my YM buddies.. *winks*