Sunday, September 11, 2005

Demons + Possibilities

1) Do you have demons inside you ? I do. Well, not the occult or similar thing .. it is kinda like the bad stuff that you keep inside. It consists of the bad moments, low self-esteem, painful memories, etc. Dulu, I used to have all this stuff running around in my head, so what I did was gave them form so that I can imagine what they look like. What the form was two black dragons ( similar to that you see in Chinese comics ) with fire eyes, breathing fire. Usually, most of the time they remain out of sight. But when shit happens, and I can't take it anymore.. they come out, feeding on my fears ( whatever that was going through at that time ) and magnified. It was the misery I felt which fed them.
Syukur, lately, they have been pretty quiet. The last time they appeared was after my best friend's wedding for a short while. Even if they appear, I able to control their appearance and influence. The scary part is .. I actually enjoy it that they appear when I am angry ... I become more focused, more intense .. luckily I don't follow my impulses at that time.
I have to credit this blogger for helping me in facing them. She has helped me in a way, to change my thoughts and how I think, at least, leading me to change them thoughts .. Terima kasih, Inn.

2) Today and Tonight, another possibility is there ... I am cool. But, hmmm ... syukur padaNya. God helps those who help themselves ..

2.1) I am gonna be cool about it. We see how it goes ..

have a good weekend, hombres ;-)


Inn said...

am not sure how i helped, but hey -that's what friends are for. dont worry so much. *hugs*

Let's meet up soon. I need to start on my August book before my September book arrive. heheh!

Omecool20 said...

Ok sure.. I have to finish that book ASAP la.. maybe next week ?

Inn said...

la... i tot dah habis baca dah. then it's okay la. let me know when u're done.