Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Post Penang

The past few days have been a bit of a blur ..:-) Anyway, I finally moved out from the Penang apt and brought all remaining stuff back down to my apt in DD. Yep, ada la 4 bags. Phew, carrying 'em on my Ferrari was a bit tricky , but settled it.

So now, I am finally for all intents n purposes based here again. ;-)

Semalam, when I was on feri sending my bicycle to the KTM B'worth .. heard this song on my mp3 player .. with the breeze, the seawaters ... the memories came back again. She is now happily married, and I wish her all the best. The heartbreak that she gave was something ...

More Than That -Backstreet Boys-

I can see that you’ve been crying
You can’t hide it with a lie
What’s the use in you denying
That what you have is wrong

I heard him promise you forever
But forever’s come and gone
Baby, he would say whatever
It takes to keep you blind
To the truth between the lines, oh…


I will love you more than that
I won’t say the words
Then take them back
Don’t give loneliness a chance
Baby listen to me when I say
I will love you more than that

Baby, you deserve much better
What’s the use in holding on
Don’t you see it’s now or never
‘Cause I just can’t be friends
Baby knowing in the end, that..

CHORUS - repeat

There’s not a day that passes by
I don’t wonder why we haven’t tried
It’s not too late to change your mind
So take my hand, don’t say goodbye
CHORUS - repeat

ps / I really enjoyed my stay there .. walaupun endingnya tak seberapa, but I learnt something.
pps / this guy is writing some jiwang posts at the moment :-) Check him out ya....

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